New national application for e-mail "" presented in Turkmenistan


The agency "Turkmenaragatnashyk" within the framework of one exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, presented a presentation of its new application for e-mail "".

The new modern e-mail "" was created and launched by the specialists of "Turkmentelecom" in our connection with the growing demand for electronic services in the country.

"" contains modules that allow you to use all modern mail services, while it has a design made in the national style. The size of a mailbox assigned to one user is 1 GB.

The application will have the following functions:
Address book;

Email services for individuals are provided free of charge.
Step-by-step mailbox registration on

Step: 1. Launch the default browser installed on the computer. In the targeted achievement of the success of After the page opens, you need to click on the "Create mail" link.
Step 2. In the window that opens, fill in the form with reliable data. In the First name and Last name field, enter the user's first and last name, and in the Date of birth field, select the day, month and year of birth. Next, you should indicate the gender, male or female. In the Username field, you must enter the desired name for the future email. The service will check the entered mail name for availability, if the name is free (not occupied by anyone), then the service will allow you to register a mailbox with the entered name. In the Password field, you need to write a password that is memorable for the user, but preferably a “complex” password in structure, and enter the mobile phone number in the format + 993XXXXXX in the Phone field. This is necessary to recover the password for the mailbox.
Step 3. In the next screen, a field will appear for entering a special verification code, which will be sent to the mobile phone number specified during registration. After entering this code in a special field Verification code, you should click on the "Check" button.
Step 4. If everything goes well, the system will send you to the page for entering the data (login and password) entered during registration earlier. After filling in the Username and Password fields, you should click on the Login button and begin to fully use all the functions of the mail application.