Türkmen Domain


If you have a real business idea or you need to place an advertisement to take your business to a new level and you are in Turkmenistan, then you must have a domain ".TM"

Domain-scope of the hierarchical namespace of the Internet, which is designated by a unique domain name, is maintained by a set of domain name servers (DNS) and is centrally administered by the Domain Administrator. For each registered domain name, there is a single Administrator.
Second-level domains are - GOV.TM, EDU.TM, COM.TM, etc.

With the development of the Internet, “beautiful” site addresses, in other words, domains, have acquired special value. The total number of registered domains exceeds 296 million in the world and it has become very difficult to find a free, beautiful and short domain name. This includes companies that register domains, buy and sell domains on the secondary market, advertise on registered domains, hosting services, legal organizations, etc.

It is assumed that thousands of companies would like to have their official website on the business.com.tm domain. Today, any domains in the ".TM" zones have commercial value. Earlier, starting from 2015, the service of registration of the com.tm, edu.tm and gov.tm domains was carried out by the “Turkmentelecom” company. Starting from January 1, 2020, the domain registration service in our country is carried out by the “Coordination Center of the National Domain of Turkmenistan”.

A domain name (or just a domain) is an easy-to-remember name for a website associated with a specific IP address on the Internet. Anyone can buy a domain. To do this, you need to go to the domain registrar's website, choose a free name and pay a small fee annually for its use.

When registering a Google Cloud account, you need to specify the domain name that will be used to work with the services. You must be the owner of the domain and verify ownership of it. If you do not have a domain yet, we will help you purchase one. Domain registration is carried out after the conclusion of the relevant agreement.

Domain security
".TM" domain is almost impossible to steal. To change the domain administrator, you must personally come to the registrar with the documents or issue a power of attorney from a notary. For this reason, domain hijacking in the .TM zone is extremely rare. International domains are stolen much more often, because to change the administrator there it is enough to hack your account at the registrar.
At the moment there are 365 domains in the ".TM" zone, 211 domains in the COM.TM zone, and it is still growing and remains the most desirable domain zone for entrepreneurs. There are 125 domains in the GOV.TM zone and 29 domains in the EDU.TM zone. So there is always an opportunity to find a suitable domain for your project in the correct domain zone. The main thing is to have the desire and determination for this.