Turkmenistan and Russia will expand interaction in the field of communications


During the visit of the government delegation of Turkmenistan to Moscow, Hajymyrat Hudaygulyew, Chairman of the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency, met with the leadership of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, PJSC Rostelecom, Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, JSC Post of Russia , the Executive Committee of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications

Turkmenistan is showing great interest in interaction with the Russian Federation in order to develop transit traffic routes, train highly professional specialists in the field of ICT and cybersecurity, exchange experience in the digital economy, introduce e-government, create a DATA Center and in other areas.

Thus, at a meeting with the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadayev, it was noted that the Turkmen Communications Agency is working to expand the backbone transport network using DWDM equipment and zonal transport networks on an IP platform, to develop mobile communications in the country and other projects, in connection with which growing the demand for diversification of international traffic and data transmission.

Turkmenistan has seven international communication joints - with Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and four with Afghanistan, and there is a possibility of transit of Russian traffic in the direction of Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan;

Agency "Turkmenaragatnashyk" fruitfully works with such Russian companies as Rostelecom, Post of Russia, East Wind, Novokart and is also interested in establishing cooperation with Roskomnadzor.

The agency "Turkmenaragatnashyk" has been working with Rostelecom since 2006, when an Agreement was signed with the Center for International Settlements (CISC).

At a meeting with the vice-president of the company Natalya Kryuchkova, the chairman of the agency noted that the bulk of the capacity purchased in the country - is Internet traffic, provided by Rostelecom, and over the past three years this capacity has quadrupled, which amounted to 40G / bit.

The creation of "smart" cities is another topical area where Turkmenistan is interested in the experience and innovative solutions of Rostelecom.

At the meeting with the Deputy General Director of the Post of Russia JSC Georgy Alikoshvili, a stable partnership with the Turkmenpost company was also noted and the desire to expand this sphere of partnership was expressed. They discussed the resumption of direct postal exchange between the two operators through the airlines of Turkmenistan, bypassing any transit routes, the implementation of supplies of export goods, including textile products, through the "Turkmenpost". There were also voiced proposals for the mutual placement of products for sale in the online stores "Post of Russia" and "Turkmenpost". Was noted the readiness to organize transit transportation of postal items of the Russian Post JSC through Turkmenistan in closed containers to Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan.

Training of specialists was the main topic of the meeting between the Chairman of the Turkmen Communications Agency and the Vice-Rector of the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) Andrei Mukhanov.

In particular, they expressed interest in establishing cooperation between MTUCI and the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan, in the field of advanced training of teachers and specialists in information security and ICT. The heads of Russian departments and communications companies were also invited to the XIV International Exhibition and Scientific Conference "Turkmentel - 2021", which will be held in November this year in Ashgabat and can be considered as a good platform for Russian companies wishing to participate in projects implemented in Turkmenistan.