To the participants of the Exhibition of the shopping complex of Turkmenistan


Dear participants of the exhibition! Dear employees of the shopping complex!

I cordially congratulate you on the opening of the Exhibition of the shopping complex of Turkmenistan!

The main goal of the Presidential Program, implemented on a wide scale in the native Homeland in the year "Pähim-paýhas ummany Magtymguly Pyragy", is to bring the economy to a qualitatively new level of development, further improving the social and living conditions of the people.

Due to the implementation of program tasks aimed at the stable development of the national economy, strengthening the social protection of the population, the shopping complex is currently among the rapidly developing sectors of the national economy.

Today, the trade sector has set goals such as strengthening the country's food security, increasing the production of import-substituting products, improving trade services, and meeting the demand of the population for consumer goods. The growth of trade turnover in the domestic market is evidence of their successful implementation, improvement of the welfare and social standard of the people in the era of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state.

Dear compatriots!

Large-scale work is being carried out in our country to diversify the national economy and widely introduce innovations. In this regard, we are pleased with the work carried out to create high-tech industries in the structure of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan, to increase the range and volume of competitive products made from local raw materials. In particular, enterprises producing yarn from cotton fiber, various fabrics, and sewing products make a significant contribution to the intensive development of the economy. Currently, high-quality, environmentally friendly textile products of the brands "Gala", "Ekeş", "Goza", "Wada", "Nusaý", "Bedew", "Bürgüt", "Akpamyk", "Merw", "Jeýtun", "Mäne" are in high demand in the domestic market and foreign markets.

A lot of work is also being done to preserve and improve the national art of handmade carpet weaving of the Turkmen people. Our handmade carpets are famous for their unsurpassed beauty and high quality. In this direction, the activities of the enterprises of the State Association "Turkmenhaly" are carried out, in particular, to bring to future generations the methods of creating handmade Turkmen carpets with their colorful palette, ancient ornaments and patterns, as well as restoring the original classical samples. The exquisite handmade carpets decorating our homes are made according to the orders of not only domestic but also foreign consumers. This increases the global fame of Turkmen carpets, which are a magnificent heritage of the artistic culture of our people.

The current large-scale Exhibition of the shopping complex of Turkmenistan will allow assessing the development of the textile industry of the country, the national art of hand carpet weaving.

Dear guests!

Dear compatriots!

At the Exhibition of the trade complex of Turkmenistan, a special place is given to the domestic business sector, the export potential of private producers. In the implementation of programs to increase the volume of production of import-substituting and export-oriented products, the creation of new industrial productions, a large role is assigned to Turkmen entrepreneurs, to whom we provide all the necessary conditions.

Due to the large-scale work carried out in this direction, Turkmenistan's trade and economic cooperation with the countries of the world is increasing. The competitiveness of our goods is increasing, good results are being achieved in maintaining commodity abundance in the domestic market and boosting foreign trade. Products with the "Made in Turkmenistan" mark are now widely known on world markets and are of high quality and reliability.

Dear guests!

Dear compatriots!

Our independent state has embarked on the path of stable development in a short time. The transformations carried out in the country, well-thought-out solutions, along with the strengthening of food abundance, make it possible to widely export high-quality products produced on Turkmen soil.

The current review is a clear demonstration that in our next country, the shopping complex, like other industries, successfully implements program tasks and reaches high milestones.

Dear participants of the exhibition!

Once again, I cordially congratulate you on the opening of the Exhibition of the shopping complex of Turkmenistan!

I wish you good health, prosperity, and great success in your work!

President of Turkmenistan