The telecommunications company "Turkmentelecom" offers corporate e-mail with its own domain


The telecommunications company “Turkmentelecom” on its official website announced the launch of corporate mail service with its own domain. It is necessary to fill out the form at the link in order to set up an e-mail with the domain. In incorporating mail, it is possible to use the name of the company, the first and last name of the employee, or any other word. Corporative mail does not oblige the user to create a website, just necessary to register a domain in the ES “Turkmen domain”. Corporative mail works on the domain name of the company, usually the same as its website. A domain is an address on the Internet, for example, or After registering corporate mail, users will be able to create an unlimited number of mailboxes so that each employee of the company has their own address. The number of boxes if necessary, can be increased at any time. Corporative mail is one of the ways to increase user confidence in email. By allocating time and resources to create corporate mail, you add weight to your business.