Yandex Cloud launched cloud services for users in Central Asia


A public cloud platform developed by the Russian Internet company Yandex, Yandex Cloud announced the launch of cloud services for users in Central Asia.

This became possible thanks to the commissioning of a new region kz1 based on a Data Processing Center (DPC) with server infrastructure in Kazakhstan (Karaganda city).

Now companies in the region can use Yandex Cloud solutions for storing and processing data, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, machine learning, as well as developing, testing and launching their own digital products.

The Yandex SpeechKit speech recognition and synthesis service with support for Kazakh and Uzbek languages will allow companies to create voice assistants and robots for call centers.

Tariffing for services is carried out in tenge.

This step is part of the long-term development strategy of Yandex Cloud in the region.

“The launch of a cloud platform based on a local data center is another step to be closer to our users in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. We are confident that the creation of the Yandex Cloud technology hub in Kazakhstan will strengthen investments in the country’s IT market and provide new opportunities for the development of innovation in Kazakhstan and Central Asia as a whole,” the company commented.

It should be noted that the company’s services and solutions are already used in their work by dozens of Kazakh companies of large and medium-sized businesses, startups and public sector organizations.