"sanly.tm" guarantees the protection of user data


Specialists of the “Turkmentelecom” telecommunications company are developing their own national model for the transition to a digital system and are actively introducing digital reforms into all systems of Turkmenistan, studying best global practices.

Portal sanly.tm and national email, developed by the company’s specialists, automate everyday business processes by exchanging information. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and effort.

The national electronic portal “sanly.tm” is designed in the national style and is available in Turkmen and Russian. It includes modules such as mail, calendar, electronic search engine, latest news, weather information, and email chat.

The portal “sanly.tm” contains links to the Government Services Portal e.gov.tm, online-cinema platforms Belet Video, Belet film. Users can also access the country's online stores.

The portal “sanly.tm” publishes important news in Turkmenistan and abroad, which allows users to stay up to date with the latest news.

The “sanly.tm” email storage capacity delivered to each user is 2 GB.

The corporate mail service “sanly.tm” is designed specifically for legal entities and allows employees of small businesses and large companies to facilitate the joint work process and ensure its smooth operation.

After registration, each employee receives their own email address with the ability to create an unlimited number of folders. The number of folders can be increased at any time.

You can also open a corporate mail service on the “sanly.tm” portal!