A cultural program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Turkmen classic Makhtumkuli has been launched in Ankara


In Ankara, in the Turkmenistan Park in front of the monument to Makhtumkuli Fraga, a solemn event was held on the occasion of the opening of a cultural program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the great Turkmen poet and philosopher.

The event was organized by TURKSA together with the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Ankara and the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.

The opening ceremony of the program was attended by Secretary General of TURKSOY Sultan Raev, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Ankara Mekan Ishanguliyev, Rector of the State Institute of Culture of Turkmenistan Amanmurad Aydogdiyev and other guests. This is reported on the TURKSOY website.

Sultan Rayev noted in his speech:

"Makhtumkuli is an undying and bright star at the top of Turkmen literature. With his work, he left a deep mark not only in his era, but also in the legacy of the entire Turkic world.... Makhtumkuli is of great importance in the development of the Turkmen language as the language of unification of Turkmen tribes."

Mekan Ishankuliyev expressed his gratitude to TURKSOY and other organizations of the Turkish Republic, stressed the importance of 2024 for Turkmenistan.

"This year, the cultural capital of the Turkic world is the city of Anau. In 2024, events dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of Makhtumkuli Fraga will be held in parallel. Here, I would like to express my gratitude that TURKSOY actively participates in the events of these two holidays, which are important from the point of view of Turkmen culture and history. TURKSOY serves as a golden bridge between the Turkic states," Mekan Ishanguliyev stressed.

The event ended with a concert by the Miras dance ensemble from Turkmenistan and the State Music Ensemble of the Turkic World in Ankara, the source notes.