An event on patriotic education was held at the professional school of the «Türkmenaragatnaşyk» agency


On May 15, the Polytechnic Secondary Vocational School of the «Türkmenaragatnaşyk» Agency hosted an event dedicated to the issues of educating the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and the formation of their spiritual and moral culture, based on the legacy of the great Turkmen poet and thinker Maktumguly Pyragy.

The event, organized by the «Türkmenaragatnaşyk» agency, was attended by representatives of public organizations, ministries and departments of the country, specialists of departments and enterprises of the agency, as well as teachers and students of the Polytechnic Secondary Vocational School.

Speakers at the event noted that poetry and the teachings of the outstanding classical poet Maktumguly Pyragy are a school of patriotic education for young people. His lines, praising the love of the Motherland, its prosperity and the sacred land, call the younger generation to high spiritual and moral ideals.

In addition, the event highlighted the important role of Maktumguly's poems — «Çilim çekmegil», «Munda çilimkeş», «Neşekeş», «Çilimkeş», «Naskeş», «Nas atan» and others in the education of physically and spiritually healthy youth, free from harmful addictions that harm human health.