The nomination of candidates for the elections to the Parliament of Turkmenistan will last until June 6


Turkmenistan is actively preparing for the upcoming elections of deputies of the Parliament (Mejlis) in three constituencies No. 1 Garaşsyzlyk, No. 2 Bitaraplyk and No. 6 Köpetdag of Ashgabat city, instead of those who left early. The elections are scheduled for July 7, TDH reports.

An important stage of the election campaign – the nomination of candidates – began on May 8. Meetings are currently taking place at which the country's parties – the Democratic Party, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Agrarian Party, as well as groups of citizens – nominate their representatives as candidates.

According to the legislation, several candidates can be nominated for one deputy seat, which provides an alternative choice for voters. The candidates are reputable and hardworking people, including experienced specialists from various sectors of the economy.

To ensure the openness and objectivity of the process, 76 national observers from parties, public organizations and citizen groups have been registered. They will monitor the course of the elections.

Training seminars were held for members of district, city and etrap election commissions on new changes in the electoral code. Election commissions are already working on the ground, polling stations are equipped with equipment and information materials.

The nomination of candidates will last until June 6, and their registration will last until June 11. After that, the candidates will begin presenting their election programs on TV and meeting with voters. It is the votes of citizens that will determine the most worthy candidates for deputy mandates.