In Turkmenistan, it has become possible to inform electronically in advance about goods imported into the country


In accordance with the Customs Code of Turkmenistan, from June 1, 2024, carriers or other interested persons have been given the opportunity to submit preliminary electronic information about goods intended for import into the customs territory of Turkmenistan before their actual arrival, the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan reports.

Preliminary electronic information can be submitted to the customs authorities via:

• the customs information system "ASYCUDA World"

• through the TIR-EPD information system in Turkmen, Russian and (or) English in accordance with the "Customs Convention of November 14, 1975 on the International Carriage of Goods under Cover of a TIR Carnet (TIR Convention)" (IRU).

Movement across the customs border of Turkmenistan and customs clearance of goods imported into the customs territory of Turkmenistan on the basis of the provision of preliminary electronic information is carried out on a priority basis.

The submitted preliminary electronic information on goods to be imported into the customs territory of Turkmenistan, including transit transportation, is aimed at stimulating foreign trade activities by speeding up customs clearance by customs authorities, the NCA notes.