AŞTU Introduces New Smart Goldaw Service


Ashgabat City Telephone Network CJSC, using specialized software and telecommunications networks, is offering subscribers a new security and control notification service called Smart Goldaw.

According to AŞTU on Monday, the basic set of technical equipment for the Smart Goldaw security and control notification service includes a controller, motion sensor, magnetic contact sensors for opening gates, doors, and windows, as well as options for connecting water and gas leak sensors and fire alarms.

Subscribers who connect to this service will instantly receive signals on their smartphone or stationary control panel regarding the opening and closing of windows and doors, movements inside and outside the premises, fire safety alerts, gas and water leaks, and more.

Ashgabat City Telephone Network CJSC and Uly Gaya LLC have partnered to provide the Smart Goldaw service. The monthly subscription fee for the service is 50 manats.