200 new passenger buses will serve the population in the Balkan province


As part of a working trip to the Balkan Velayat, the President of Turkmenistan visited the grain field of the Dayhan association "Arkaç" of the Gyzylarvat etrap – one of the largest granaries of the velayat, where he got acquainted with the harvesting of winter grain crops on site. In addition, a landmark event for the population of the velayat in the year, the motto of which is "The Storehouse of the mind of Magtumguly Pragy", was the presentation by the head of state to the residents of the velayat of 200 modern, comfortable passenger buses.

These buses have proven themselves well in our natural and climatic conditions of Turkmenistan, they are appreciated not only by drivers, but also by passengers. During the summer days, the importance of new buses is great due to the fact that the holiday season and school holidays of students have begun. Passenger traffic to the Awaza National Tourist Zone and the Mollagara Balneological Resort has increased especially sharply.

In recent years, a new modern bus station has been built and put into operation in the administrative center of the velayat, from where numerous buses with passengers depart daily. An extensive network of highways and road transport infrastructure is being created in the cities and etraps of the velayat, including a road bridge over the Garabogaz Bay in the S.Turkmenbashi etrap.

The commissioning of new modern buses in such large numbers will significantly expand passenger transportation routes in the administrative center of our velayat and beyond – in cities and towns where the majority of the population lives, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports.