UNDP expands cooperation with youth in Turkmenistan


UNDP in Turkmenistan, together with the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, held a youth event as part of the 100-day global consultation on digital integration. This initiative, launched by UNDP ahead of the Future Summit scheduled for September 2024, aims to promote an open, free and secure future for all based on Sustainable Development Goals.

The youth event, which took place today at the UN Building in Ashgabat, provided students with a platform to express their views and aspirations regarding the changing digital landscape. During the event, students got acquainted with the global efforts of UNDP to promote digital transformation and gained an understanding of global prospects by studying the "Digital Inclusion Guide" presented by Mr. Gary Chiu, Digital Transformation Advisor from the Global Center for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development of UNDP in Singapore.

He stressed: "Digital inclusivity is a fundamental factor of joint economic and social progress. The UNDP leadership offers an integrated multi-stakeholder approach that is action-oriented and adaptable to a changing global environment. UNDP has also initiated a 100-day consultation to engage its global network to gain collective knowledge to promote digital inclusivity, and we highly value the views of Turkmenistan's youth."

After the presentations, participants participated in group discussions to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with digital transformation and inclusivity in local communities.

These global discussions are expected to help develop strategies to bridge the digital divide, empower youth, promote gender equality and build a more inclusive digital future in the world.