Logistics without borders: Prospects for cooperation with China in the field of cargo transportation were discussed in the capital


A working meeting was held in Ashgabat between representatives of the Turkmen Logistics Association and the Chinese logistics company Shandong Hi-Speed Qilu Eurasia Railway Logistics Co., which is the main logistics operator in Shandong Province of the People's Republic of China. This is reported in today's issue of the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

The Chinese delegation was headed by Liu Junfeng, who is the head of the representative office of this company in the Republic of Uzbekistan and at the same time the head of the branch in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is mainly engaged in freight transportation by rail and road, has its representative offices in many countries of the world.

During the exchange of views, it was stated that due to the convenient geographical location of Turkmenistan and its growing transit potential, the volume of cargo transportation through the country has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Thus, Turkmenistan is becoming an important transport and logistics hub on the Silk Road of the XXI century. In order to increase the attractiveness of transit corridors passing through the territory of our country and attract additional transit cargo flows, customs procedures have been automated, and the use of modern equipment during customs inspection ensures uninterrupted transportation of vehicles through customs posts of Turkmenistan.

Representatives of the Association "Turkmen Logistics" informed the Chinese side that the freight forwarding companies of Turkmenistan - members of the Association deliver goods to different countries of the world and in their work they are guided by international standards in this field, provide high–quality and reliable services and enjoy a well-deserved business reputation.

Following the meeting, the parties noted that the establishment of business partnerships between Turkmen cargo carriers and Shandong Hi-Speed Qilu Eurasia Railway Logistics Co. is of mutual interest and meets the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership between Turkmenistan and the People's Republic of China.