Webinars ccNSO


On march 17-18 ccNSO (country code Names Supporting Organization) webinars were held for ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) representatives.
To begin with, everyone was introduced to the concept of ccTLDs. Then the importance and peculiarities of ccTLDs were substantiated. Also noted the presence of the ccNSO on the ICANN Board of Directors.

Then we talked about the functions and capabilities of the ccNSO:
1) Developing and recommending global policies for the board regarding ccTLDs.
2) Building consensus in the ccNSO community, including ccTLD activities related to domain names.
3) Coordination with other ICANN Supporting Organizations, ICANN Committees and Constituencies.
Also, representatives from our organization made a presentation and familiarization with the work of our organization, registration statistics, online services and work with the Internet community of Turkmenistan