The fourth day of work of the heads of railway transport of the OSJD member countries has begun


The fourth day of the XXXVIII meeting of the Conference of Heads and Responsible Representatives of Railway Transport Enterprises of the member States of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) continues in the Turkmen capital.

It is expected that an active discussion of important issues will take place on this day of the international railway industry forum.

Turkmenistan's railway network, which has expanded significantly in recent years, is entering a new stage of development, and is preparing to implement a number of large-scale transport and communication projects.

Thus, on November 15-17 last year, a meeting of the heads of railway departments of the participating states of the international multimodal transport and transit route of the Countries of the Asia-Pacific region-China-Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan–Turkmenistan–Azerbaijan–Georgia–Turkey–Europe (CASCA+) was held in the Turkmen capital.

Currently, the CASCA+ transport corridor covers 3 regions – Central Asia – Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the South Caucasus – Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as Antalya – Turkey.

In 2023, our country officially joined the Agreement on the Development of the TRACECA Eurasian Transport Corridor. The purpose of the document is to develop economic relations, trade and transport links in the regions of Europe and Asia, promote international cargo transportation, ensure traffic safety, harmonize transport policy and create equal conditions for competition between individual modes of transport.

The XXXVIII meeting of heads and responsible representatives of railway transport enterprises of the OSZhD member countries will last until April 19. As part of the agenda, its participants will discuss the results of the activities for 2023 of the OSZhD Commissions for Freight and Passenger Transportation, infrastructure and rolling stock, coding and computer science, OSZhD Permanent Working Groups on Financial and Settlement Issues, the Organization's work plans for 2025, etc. It is expected that a number of bilateral documents will be signed between the railway departments of our country and the OSJD member states, a Protocol aimed at strengthening productive cooperation between the parties in the name of universal well-being and progressive development