A meeting of the Turkmen-Romanian working group on transport cooperation was held


The fourth meeting of the Turkmen-Romanian working group on cooperation in the field of transport was held in Romania. The Turkmen delegation, including representatives of various transport agencies and companies, is on a visit to Romania from April 22 to 23. The meeting was held in Bucharest and in the port of Constanta.

The working group was co-chaired by Chairman of the Turkmenavtotransport Agency Guvanchmyrat Akmammedov and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Romania Adrian Gheorghe Fogis.

During the meeting, issues such as the multilateral intergovernmental agreement on the international Caspian Sea–Black Sea transport corridor, prospects for cooperation in the field of road, rail, maritime and aviation transport were discussed.

The Parties presented an overview of their transport structures and development opportunities. Responsible coordinators were also appointed for the development of container and multimodal transportation through the ports of both countries.

The possibility of holding the fifth meeting of the working group in Turkmenistan in 2025 was discussed.

The Caspian Sea–Black Sea International Transport Route is a project launched by Romania and Turkmenistan in 2012 to create an intermodal transport route (sea/river and road/rail transport) between Central and Northern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

For the Asia–Pacific countries, this is also a profitable opportunity to use the corridor with the ports of Constanta, Poti, Batumi, Baku/Alat and Turkmenbashi.