The President of Turkmenistan received the Chairman of the Japan-Turkmenistan Interparliamentary Friendship Group


The President of Turkmenistan received the Chairman of the Japan-Turkmenistan Interparliamentary Friendship Group

Expressing sincere gratitude for the hospitality extended to the Turkmen land, the guest conveyed to the head of state cordial greetings and best wishes from Emperor Naruhito of Japan and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. As noted, the Country of the Rising Sun attaches great importance to strengthening fruitful cooperation with Turkmenistan, which implements a constructive foreign policy course and confidently follows the path of creation and progress.

Warmly welcoming the guest, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov expressed confidence that the meetings held within the framework of the current visit of the delegation of the friendly country to Ashgabat will contribute to the successful development of the traditional interstate dialogue, including in such an important area as parliamentary relations. Having addressed greetings and best wishes to the Emperor and the Prime Minister of Japan, the Head of Turkmenistan noted with satisfaction that relations between the two states are based on equality, mutual respect and are of a long-term, strategic nature.

During the meeting, an interested exchange of views took place on the priority aspects of the Turkmen-Japanese partnership. It was noted that Turkmenistan and Japan also actively cooperate in the format of reputable international structures and, above all, the United Nations. By coordinating their activities in the international arena, our countries support each other's initiatives aimed at ensuring universal peace and sustainable development.

Progressive dynamics is inherent in interaction on a multilateral basis, within the framework of the Central Asia + Japan dialogue, which has proven to be an effective mechanism for cooperation. In this regard, the Chairman of the Japan-Turkmenistan Interparliamentary Friendship Group said that he would be glad to see President Serdar Berdimuhamedov at the Summit of the Heads of state participating in this format.

The President of Turkmenistan noted the importance of the Summit for building effective interstate cooperation that meets common interests.

One of the key vectors of Turkmen-Japanese relations is the trade and economic partnership, which has a stable and long-term character. Here, great importance is attached to the activities of the joint Committee, designed to contribute to the practical realization of the existing solid potential of cooperation. In this context, it was emphasized that Turkmenistan and large Japanese companies have accumulated many years of experience in cooperation in various fields, including the gas industry and the chemical industry.

It was also noted that, as is known, next year Japan will host the World Exhibition EXPO-2025. Turkmenistan, which voted in support of its holding in the Land of the Rising Sun, shows great interest in actively participating in the global Forum. A special Organizing Committee has been established for this purpose, and appropriate preparatory work is currently underway.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov wished Japan success in hosting EXPO 2025, which will become an important event in the history of the country and World Exhibitions.

Expressing sincere gratitude for the kind words, Toshiaki Endo invited the head of state to visit the World Exhibition.

During the conversation, it was also noted that the humanitarian sphere is an integral component of Turkmen-Japanese relations. The fruitful nature of cooperation in this area is evidenced by the exhibitions, Cultural Days and various other events regularly held in both countries.

At the end of the meeting, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov and Chairman of the Japan-Turkmenistan Interparliamentary Friendship Group Toshiaki Endo expressed confidence that the constructive interstate dialogue will continue to develop dynamically across its entire spectrum, relying on mutual goodwill and gaining new content.