UNDP and Turkmenistan have laid the foundation for cooperation to improve the efficiency of the state education system


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) And the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding to expand cooperation to strengthen the country's education system and promote sustainable development practices.

The Memorandum creates a basis for cooperation between the UNDP and the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan in order to improve the efficiency of the system of providing public educational services to the population of the country. The Agreement underlines the shared commitment to improving educational programs in Turkmenistan, focusing on integrating the principles of human rights and gender equality, supporting initiatives to combat climate change and promote healthy lifestyles with the assistance of educational institutions in Turkmenistan.

The key focus of the Memorandum is the integration of digital technologies and innovative solutions into the education system of Turkmenistan. Using advanced technologies, the partnership aims to create a more effective and inclusive education system that can better meet the needs of the population.

"This Memorandum of Understanding is an important step towards improving digital education and sustainable development in Turkmenistan," said Ms. Narine Sahakyan, UNDP Resident Representative in Turkmenistan. "Using innovation and technology, we strive to create a more inclusive and effective education system that will benefit everyone," the representative office said in a press release.